Jonathan Crozier

Hi, I'm Jonathan Crozier, I write this blog, mentor other programmers and I'm the Head of Software Development at a successful local business.

Jonathan Crozier

Jonathan Crozier

Software Engineer

What I Write About…


Helpful posts about SQL Server, Merge Replication and how to tune your databases for maximum performance.

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Mostly focusing on C# and JavaScript but I enjoy exploring other languages such as F# and Python.

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Automation is the key to productivity, I cover innovative solutions to everyday problems using automated scripts.

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Web Development

I cover all aspects of web development with a particular focus on application architecture and security.

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SQL Server Database Mail setup via SQL

Setting up SQL Server Database Mail is relatively simple when using SQL Server Management Studio, thanks to the graphical setup wizard it provides for most SQL Server editions. However, SQL Server Express, the free edition of SQL Server, does not offer the facility to configure Database Mail via a user interface. Thankfully, once you understand…

SQL Server Database Mail setup simplified

Having the facility to send emails directly from your database engine is a hugely useful feature and this is exactly what the Database Mail functionality in SQL Server provides. With Database Mail, you can send email alerts when specific database events occur, or send query results and reports to users automatically on a scheduled basis….

How to download files using C#

Downloading files programmatically is a common task that most programming languages expose different APIs for. I believe it is useful to have examples to refer to for how to accomplish this in your language of choice, both synchronously and asynchronously. This article covers how to download files with C# using the classes and methods that…

How to make a self-destructing file

Have you ever wanted (or needed) to make a file that self-destructs after it has been opened? There are a number of ways to implement this, including some off-the-shelf tools. However, often a custom solution that can be tailored to a specific use case is what is required. This article covers a simple means of…
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