Jonathan Crozier

Hi, I'm Jonathan Crozier, I write this blog, mentor other programmers and I'm the Head of Software Development at a successful local business.

Jonathan Crozier

Jonathan Crozier

Software Engineer

What I Write About…


Helpful posts about SQL Server, Merge Replication and how to tune your databases for maximum performance.

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Mostly focusing on C# and JavaScript but I enjoy exploring other languages such as F# and Python.

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Automation is the key to productivity, I cover innovative solutions to everyday problems using automated scripts.

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Web Development

I cover all aspects of web development with a particular focus on application architecture and security.

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SQL query things you keep forgetting

When working with SQL databases, you may find there are things you need to do which although seemingly basic on the surface, are easy to forget due to nuances in query syntax and the required ordering of statements. For these situations, it is useful to have a working example to refer to which reminds you…

How to create and fire a SQL Server Trigger

When implemented correctly, SQL Server Triggers are a powerful mechanism for adding useful functionality to a database without the need to change any application code. In this article, I look at what a SQL Server Trigger is, a template for a defining a new Trigger and possible use cases. A few facts You may already…

Protecting access to gRPC services with Auth0

Having already introduced the concept of gRPC services and having walked through how to consume a gRPC service using .NET Core, I’m now going to cover the next most fundamental topics; authentication and authorization. For production applications, your API endpoints are normally going to be available publicly and therefore they need to be protected from…

How to generate a random string with C#

On occasion, during day-to-day programming, the problem I am working on requires the generation of a random sequence of characters. For example, when dealing with some sort of account entity, the account might require a unique account reference to be specified upon its creation. Considering this scenario, it would be inconvenient for the end-user to…
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