Jonathan Crozier

Hi, I'm Jonathan Crozier, I write this blog, mentor other programmers and I'm the Head of Software Development at a successful local business.

Jonathan Crozier

Jonathan Crozier

Software Engineer

What I Write About…


Helpful posts about SQL Server, Merge Replication and how to tune your databases for maximum performance.

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Mostly focusing on C# and JavaScript but I enjoy exploring other languages such as F# and Python.

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Automation is the key to productivity, I cover innovative solutions to everyday problems using automated scripts.

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Web Development

I cover all aspects of web development with a particular focus on application architecture and security.

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How to create and fire a SQL Server Trigger

When implemented correctly, SQL Server Triggers are a powerful mechanism for adding useful functionality to a database without the need to change any application code. In this article, I look at what a SQL Server Trigger is, a template for a defining a new Trigger and possible use cases. A few facts You may already…

Protecting access to gRPC services with Auth0

Having already introduced the concept of gRPC services and having walked through how to consume a gRPC service using .NET Core, I’m now going to cover the next most fundamental topics; authentication and authorization. For production applications, your API endpoints are normally going to be available publicly and therefore they need to be protected from…

How to generate a random string with C#

On occasion, during day-to-day programming, the problem I am working on requires the generation of a random sequence of characters. For example, when dealing with some sort of account entity, the account might require a unique account reference to be specified upon its creation. Considering this scenario, it would be inconvenient for the end-user to…

XML Serialization with C#

Today JSON has taken over the role of XML for many scenarios, however, XML is still in very wide usage. XML stands for eXtensible Markup Language and has been a stalwart for data-interchange since the year 1998. It has been adapted over time to solve many different problems related to programming. In this article, I…
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