Jonathan Crozier

Hi, I'm Jonathan Crozier, I write this blog, mentor other programmers and I'm the Head of Software Development at a successful local business.

Jonathan Crozier

Jonathan Crozier

Software Engineer

What I Write About…


Helpful posts about SQL Server, Merge Replication and how to tune your databases for maximum performance.

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Mostly focusing on C# and JavaScript but I enjoy exploring other languages such as F# and Python.

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Automation is the key to productivity, I cover innovative solutions to everyday problems using automated scripts.

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Web Development

I cover all aspects of web development with a particular focus on application architecture and security.

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Working with processes using C#

As software developers, working with processes is something that we frequently need to do. Whether it’s checking if a specific process is running, stopping a process, or creating a new process, it is useful to have a reference point for how to accomplish each of these tasks. In the sections below, I’m going to cover…

Connecting to SQL Server from PowerShell

PowerShell is an awesome scripting language with many powerful features. This includes integration with SQL Server; a fantastic database engine which is both reliable and battle-tested. If you need to automate repetitive and/or time-consuming DBA processes, connecting PowerShell to your SQL Server instance can be a massive help. In this article, we are going to…

Working with User Account Control in .NET apps

Sometimes when you are developing a Windows app you’ll find the need to run the application as a different user, often as the administrator. Windows features a security mechanism called ‘User Account Control’ which prevents applications from launching with elevated privileges without the user’s consent. In this article, I explain how User Account Control works…
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