Author: Jonathan Crozier

If like me, you are fascinated by science, you’ll possibly know a little bit already about the strange phenomena of quantum mechanics. Concepts like superposition, entanglement, and teleportation are all things that seem like they should be impossible but have been proven time and time again in the lab. Yes, things do behave very strangely…
Setting up SQL Server Database Mail is relatively simple when using SQL Server Management Studio, thanks to the graphical setup wizard it provides for most SQL Server editions. However, SQL Server Express, the free edition of SQL Server, does not offer the facility to configure Database Mail via a user interface. Thankfully, once you understand…
Having the facility to send emails directly from your database engine is a hugely useful feature and this is exactly what the Database Mail functionality in SQL Server provides. With Database Mail, you can send email alerts when specific database events occur, or send query results and reports to users automatically on a scheduled basis….